Privacy Policy

At Tragens, we give utmost importance to customers’ Privacy. When this Privacy Policy is implemented on this site, it gives a good understanding of how we collect, use and disseminate personal information. This site usually uses Google’s Adwords for free conversion tracking features on certain pages. If you contact us, the destination page will have a code on it. This code helps us understand the pathway you took to visit this page.

Personal Information Collection

We source users’ personal information through sites and applications. Users can either submit the information on sites or we can collect them when they furnish it while using the application. The information does not include only names and e-mail addresses, but also the information related to gender, date of birth, education, preferences, interests and etc., requested from time to time. We can also collect the information using Cookies or Call recording.

  • Cookies: Cookies are small files, which are stored on a user's computer. They can collect your personal information and your overall experience with a site. As a popular medium, Cookies end up personalizing the overall experience and remembering a PC user's preference. In an event that your browser is set not to accept cookies or reject cookies, you may be unable to access some services and features of our sites.
  • Call Recording: In order to do internet monitoring and raise the quality of services, we enjoy the right to record calls. Though, respecting clients’ wishes, we give them the right to either cancel a call which is being recorded or otherwise ask the organization not to record the call at all.
Usage clauses pertaining to personal information

The personal information we collect is used to improve customers’ experience with the services. The same information is also sued to improve a client's overall experience not only with the sites, but also with the overall applications; not only to provide a proper response to comments and questions, but also to ensure a sound customer experience.

Further, we can also use the information in order to send services, confirmations, invoices, technical notices, security alerts, updates, support and administrative messages, etc.

Upholding the client confidentiality

In order to protect a client's personal information from being misused, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, alteration, and destruction, we take reasonable security measures. But, we request you to be aware of unauthorized access despite our best efforts.

For any query related to this privacy policy, contact us at our number 1-952-232-6680.