Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service

Server & Network Administration Infrastructure Management and Security Operations.

For businesses large or small, IT professionals are the first rung when it comes to investing in technology, delivering value and building a future-ready IT landscape. IT professionals can do all this in an environment where technological complexities and heterogeneities have made it essential to put in place a wide range of IT services, making cost optimization, reliable and strategic IT operations, the need of the hour. While in-house IT personnel can be a gem of your operational success, they may have lack of resources, skills, abilities required to support end users, while letting networks and systems work optimally.

There are a number of organizations that are turning over certain IT functions to managed service providers in order to save time and cut cost. They want to stay free from internal IT staff in order to focus on strategic IT projects.

With Tragens, you are able to grow as you go. We give you flexibility to focus on your business growth that make a better sense for every enterprise, and then grow with Tragens as your needs grow. Our managed IT service begins with the evaluation of your data center to be flexible and efficient to meet growing operational needs. With our service, you are able to gain maximum efficiency, and use finite resources to actually grow your business.

At Tragens, you get a whole range of IT managed services like:

  • Managing and monitoring desktops, networks, servers
  • Resolving issues and maximizing system availability
  • Installing proven, high-performance firewall
  • Protecting against virus, spam and spyware/malware
  • Fixing issues of routers, switches, network storage and virtual hosts
  • Managing and installing software updates and patches
  • Backing up workstations and servers

Apart from all these, we can host email in our data centers and provide anywhere access to your email.

At Tragens, we are committed to offering Integrated Managed IT Services for: Application Management, Infrastructure Management and Security Operations. We use the next generation integrated services framework that help optimize IT operations in infrastructure, applications, and security domains. We provide managed IT service for small and mid-sized businesses in diverse business sectors.

We deliver maximum benefits to your business by improving visibility and operational efficiency, freeing up resources for higher-level initiatives, maintaining ownership and control of data and architecture a, eliminating the learning curve as you address internal staff and skills shortages. Besides all these, with us you will be able to improve your service and portfolio resilience, reduce operational costs, aligning IT operations to business process performance.

At Tragens, we are proud of providing best-in-class managed IT service. We want your business to always run and your issues are resolved quickly and accurately. For this, we have employed highly qualified customer care team, which is at your service round the clock.