Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

An umbrella term to market products on the internet and mobile phones!

Digital marketing is a new brand way to increase your visibility on different search engine ranking parameters. It improves visibility in search engines and makes the website relevant, usable for your targeted visitors. It also converts visitors into customers and generates more leads. With Tragens’ specialized online marketing experts, you are able to boost your conversions, increase traffic, and enhance your online presence.

Tragens is a digital marketing firm, specializing in tailored-made digital solutions for brands of all sizes. We know that a brand identity is an indication of its company. So, we put much thoughts and efforts to its presentation. As a one-stop digital marketing establishment, you can count on Tragens for expert marketing services that include: search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing, and analytics & conversion rate optimization.

Before implementing any online strategies, we examine data, create requirement analysis and match website accordingly. We then suggest and optimize the changes that are required to make websites user-friendly, and get better visibility in search engine. With that, we expand your brand presence, increase your visibility in search, transform visitors into loyal customers, refresh your brand image and bring qualified leads and turn them into brand ambassadors. Our digital marketing solutions include SEO, SMO, and PPC.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In which pictures, code, links, text, content and layout all play a huge role on how your website is perceived by the search engines. We practice several technical factors that are required for implementing a successful SEO strategy. From reviewing and optimizing to making your website design SEO friendly, we do a lot to increase your web presence. Our SEO experts regularly monitor and upgrade your website on different search engine ranking parameters. Benefits of SEO services include:

  • Definite increase in traffic
  • Better Roi than normal ads
  • Higher brand credibility
  • Increased site usability
  • Most of clicks go to the first result
  • The Results are Permanent

Our SMO experts develop customized SMO solutions and fine tune comprehensive action plans. They promote businesses in a reasonable manner, helping clients identify with the best features of one's business. We can help you increase Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc for your websites and make your business popular worldwide. We anticipate ideas and strategies which fetch benefit and profit to your business.

We run PPC campaigns successfully and help you get more traffic and exposure by displaying your ads to relevant people who are searching for your products. As the term Pay Per Click suggests, you only have to pay when someone actually engages with your ad. Our PPC process includes understanding your budget, search for relevant keywords, demographics, choose locations, and watch qualified traffic flow to your website. Our experts can help you optimize your campaign and make it profitable.

We know that competition, challenges, and expectation of consumers differ from business to business and place to place. So at Tragens, we try to be well-aware of your business challenges, idea, competition, and expectation of consumers regarding products and services that you offer and then accordingly make digital marketing plans. We give guarantee of managing their site’s user engagement, driving digital marketing and fetching crowd and user traffic.