Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Move your accounting hassles to us and stay focused on your business growth.

"No matter what the nature of your business, an accurate set of books is a must. To keep their books accurate and finance at a bay, a good many businesses use QuickBooks software that yields a slew of benefits to them. But errors and glitch in the software may land them in hot water like they may lose their important data; they may not be able to access their account, etc. Getting Tragens’ accounting service lets you stay away from any sort of potential problems in accounts or accounting software."

For many startups, accounting seems to be a hard nut to crack. Averagely, they may spend eight to nine hours a month on payroll and other accounting services. That’s the time in a year they could spend doing something else, isn’t it? To utilize the time to the fullest extent, a majority of companies steers away from their accounting works and looks either for qualified accountants or uses accounting software to handle their accounting works.

The accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage and others enable you to handle your payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, annual accounts, annual returns and so on in a quick around of time. Whether you are a startup or wading out as a mid-sized business or an individual, the accounting software can be the most important tool to manage your account. Better yet, Tragens gives ultimate solutions for the software. So, nothing to worry about the issues you may encounter in the software.

At Tragens, we provide next-generation services for your payroll needs. If your payroll accounting consumes too much time and energy, Tragens is the right name for you. We can help you minimize the time and energy consumption and save your business cost when compared with in-house payroll experts. Let us help you handle the payroll part of your business and reduce the time and cost so that you can focus on your core business activities.

With Tragens, you can make sure the following:

  • Accurate paydays, direct deposit
  • Accurate federal, vacation and sick pay tracking
  • Secure, online employee access to payment records
  • Prepare and record employment forms
  • Professional payroll processing- paychecks and pay stubs

Improve the way you handle your bookkeeping. With Tragens, you can get a complete range of bookkeeping services and achieve your financial goal. You can get comprehensive solutions and reduce time spent on non-essential tasks. We let you focus on your core business functions and increase profitability. When you work with us, you are able to save up to 40%, compared to the costs of hiring in-house personnel.

Besides, Tragens provides you with advanced accounting expertise that differentiated us in the crowd. With us, you can get timely, scalable, affordable and customized bookkeeping solutions with 24x7 accesses. Our bookkeeping services include invoicing, inventory management, posting receipts and bills, managing documents electronically, setting-up or restoring company files and recording and reconciling payroll transactions. The best part is that our services are modular. You only pay what you need.

At Tragens, we understand your goals of running a business legally, so help you handle your Corporation Tax needs. With the advent of technologies, filing corporate tax is not a big issue. But sometimes, the technology fails to work and you are unable to access your data. In such a situation, filing corporate tax becomes a complex task.

If you are having issues in the tax such as you are netting out corporate benefits to zero, flowing through entities, paying double tax both at the corporate and shareholder level or avoiding US social security taxes on distributions versus those of salary, don’t fret. We can help you resolve the issues. We take care of your closely held private small businesses and handle all the tax related issues.

With our quick assistance, you can manage your corporate tax and manage several reporting requirements. Most importantly, you can meet federal and state tax compliance.